HAIGHT / Multi Pouch Camo




HAIGHT BRANDからVAPEの持ち歩きにマストなマルチポーチがドロップ!「VAPEを持ち歩く」ためのアイディアを集結したポーチが誕生!とても便利なVAPEポーチに仕上がりました!このポーチを付けて美味しいVAPEを持ち運びましょう!



HAIGHT MULTI POUCH Review by Birk Gabish Vape Blog - 電子タバコのひとりごと

HAIGHT Multi-Pouch

The HAIGHT brand is dropping a multi-utility vaping travel pouch that is a MUST for anyone on the go!
Thinking of ways to assist the vaper on-the-go, the concept for the multi pouch was carefully developed with much attention to detail.
This extremely useful vape pouch was designed specifically for your everyday vaping needs. Please enjoy vaping on another level with this ingenious pouch!

Spacious enough for all your vape mods of course, this slim pouch can also accommodate your other electronics from smartphones, digital cameras, and music players. A handy and easy to access smaller compartment accommodates your needs to store smaller accessories.

■The front cover is designed as a flap with an easy to access magic tape fastening so that you can easily open and close it with one hand!
■The side pocket is conveniently separate but designed right next to the main pocket.
■Features two sturdy elastic bands for fastening 30 ml bottles or unicorn bottles quickly and easily on the sides of the pouch.
■The fabric is a durable nylon, making it a great accessory to rock all year long.
■Features two sets of magic tape fastening bands to attach your pant belt or backpack shoulder strap securely to about almost anything!
■A carbine hook is conveniently attached for fast clipping on to your pants or backpack.
■Material Nylon
■Size W95/H140/D50mm
■Color Camo